Motafakeran teb moeen has been established with the aim of providing orthopedic products and operating room services to all surgeons in medical centers and hospitals in accordance with the rules of the General Directorate of Medical Equipment.

our company, has tried to using the many experiences and teachings of surgical professors in choosing the best product, with the appropriate quality for the Iranian surgical market, and now ready to provide night services with young and experienced staff in the field of science and services.

The companies Dedienne sante -3S ortho France, Rema Medizintechnik Germany, Ruijin China, Firefly USA and Mahe Medical in Germany have assigned the exclusive representation of all their products to this company due to their knowledge of MTM Medical co.

24-hour support

14 years of experience in orthoprdic

Import and sale of products with best quality

Our products and services

Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy

Dedienne sante retina

Power tools

Arthroscopic instruments

WIFI Endoscope syste