MTM Medical shoulder joint replacement operations Provider Motafakeran Teb Moeen
Specialized importer of orthopedic products

Cooperation with reputable brands

Experience of working with the most prominent orthopedic brands

Expert staff

Taking advantage of 15 master and bachelor's degrees in medical engineering and

Hospital experts

corporation of professional experts in hospitals

our activities

Motafakeran teb moeen is active in the field of import, sale and service of all specialized orthopedic products.
The main activities of us are:
  • Import and service of shoulder replacement prostheses
  • Import and service of knee and shoulder arthroscopic implants
  • Import and sale of orthopedic consumables for the operating room
  • Import and sale of specialized arthroscopic and arthroplasty saws and drills
  • Import and sale of arthroscopic tools and consumables
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our managers speech

Order in work, safe environment, sense of intimacy along with respectful approach are the basic principles of creating a successful collection.We are proud that our colleagues consider this company as their second home and second family.

Hassan Shafizadeh


Chairman of the Board

The most important reason for the reputation and reliability of this company is to have a professional staff with scientific and up-to-date information in their field of orthopedics. This is the reason why surgeons trust MTM Co.

Reza Shafizadeh